General Information

The Regional Board appoints:

I.A Regional Discipline Committee


I. The Chairperson shall be appointed every year by the Regional Executive.

II. The Chairperson shall submit for approval by the Regional Executive, a list of potential persons to form the three (3) person committee.

III.Hearings may be held by a two (2) member committee if agreed in writing by the defendant.


The Discipline Committee shall have direct jurisdiction over the following:

I. Violations (ejections) arising from participation in a competition within the jurisdiction of the Association and as reported by game officials.

II. Actions, by persons or organizations, considered improper behaviour and/or likely to bring the Game in disrepute, and reported by a regional, league, tournament or club official.

III. Failure by clubs to provide security for players and officials.

IV. Jurisdiction applies to game (during and after) involving players, coaches, parents or any other member of the ARS Lac St-Louis.


The Regional Discipline Committee shall refer to the Provincial Discipline Committee:

I. Misconduct involving alleged physical assault or threatening behaviour towards a game official, a player, a coach or a spectator.

II. Misconduct by persons and organizations which, in its discretion, the Regional Discipline Committee deems should be dealt with by the Provincial Discipline Committee.


I. A discipline hearing shall be held for each reported ejection. A player may be ejected after receiving 2 yellow cards in the same game, or after receiving a red card. A member of a team’s coaching staff may be ejected from a game without being shown a card.

II. Emergency hearings shall be held to deal with reported misconduct or serious breach of rules at any time before, during or after a game involving players, coaches, clubs, teams or spectators (example: police intervention, fights invoving multiple players, coaches and/or spectators, and officials on or away from the playing field). Persons and organizations shall be given at least a 48 hour written notice (by e-mail or fax) of a hearing if their presence is required by the Discipline Committee. Failure to appear when due notice has been given could result in a penalty without appeal being imposed by the Committee. A written decision will be rendered within 5 working days of a hearing.


I. Shall be held at the Region’s Office every Wednesday during the summer season (May-October).

II. Shall be held at the Region’s Office every second Wednesday during the winter season (December-April).

III. Shall start at 19:00, on a first-come, first-served basis.

IV. The hearing will be held in both official languages.

V. The accused has the opportunity to read the referee’s report prior to the scheduled Wednesday.

VI. Hearings shall be public; however the Chairperson may request proceedings be held “in camera”.

VII. Proceedings shall begin by stating the charge and the reading of the referee’s report. If present, the referee (officials) shall be given the opportunity to amplify or qualify the report; failure on the part of the referee to produce a report by the deadline date will result in no further action.

VIII. The accused or his/her representatives and witnesses shall testify and may be questioned by the Committee.

IX. The Committee shall consider the report and the evidence, rendering a decision in accordance with F.S.Q. discipline rules.


The Discipline Committee may impose any of the following:

I. Suspensions apply to all soccer activities for a stated period of time, or until the suspension has been served.

II. Suspensions remain in force until served in full.

III. Suspension for a specific number of scheduled games in a designated competition.

IV. Fines (where the accused is not a youth player).

V. A suspended sentence.

VI. Recommendation that a bond be levied (by the Youth League).

N.B.: Suspensions given as a number of games include the automatic 1-game already served.


The Committee shall use F.S.Q. discipline rules (maximums) and the following as guidelines:

  • 2 cautions/yellow cards in same game = minimum one (1) game suspension.
  • Serious foul play (professional foul)= minimum one (1) game suspension.
  • Foul & abusive language = minimum one (1) game suspension.
  • Denying a goal-scoring opportunity = minimum one (1) games suspension.
  • Violent conduct (as reported by game officials) = minimum two (2) games suspension.
  • Leaving the technical area to enter a fight = minimum 4-games suspension .
  • Spitting at/towards a player or coach = minimum 10 games suspension.
  • Indecent exposure= 1 year minimum
  • Racism or racist comments= 1 year minimum.


I. Results of the hearings shall be sent in writing within five (5) days of the hearing by the Regional Administrator to the League Administrator.

II. The committee will produce a written report of the meeting which shall include their recommendations, written evidence produced by the referee, the accused and the witnesses, notes taken by the committee members and the reasons for their decisions. These reports must be kept on file for 5 years. True copies of these decisions may be consulted by interested parties by appointment and in the presence of a League Official. Notes may be taken from the report but the copies must be returned.

III. Decisions shall then be sent in writing by the League Administrators to concerned clubs who in turn shall notify teams, coaches and players.

IV. All persons and organizations having appeared at a special discipline will be notified directly of the Committee’s decision, in writing.


A fee of $20, as established by the Regional Executive shall be charged to the club of the offending player for each hearing held by the Discipline Committee for the first expulsion (red card). A fee of $30 will be charged for a second expulsion. For any additional expulsions, a fee of $50 will be charged.

A team which has accumulated 20 cautions (yellow cards) during the season shall be charged $50. For every five (5) additional expulsions, a fee of $50 will be charged.

To contest a suspension following an expulsion (red card), the fee payable is $50.



1. After receiving 2 yellow cards in the same game which equals a red card:

  • OU ARE AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDED FROM YOUR NEXT LEAGUE GAME. Additional suspensions or sanctions may be imposed by the Discipline Committee(see #3 below). A second double yellow ejection leads to an automatic minimum 3-game suspension

2. After receiving a red card

  • YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY SUSPENDED FROM YOUR NEXT LEAGUE GAME. Additional suspensions or sanctions may be imposed by the Discipline Committee (see #3 below). Leads to an automatic minimum 3-game suspension

3. Once you have served the automatic 1-game you may continue playing or coaching until you choose one of three (3) options:

  • Without notification, you appear at the discipline hearing (you may be represented by a club/team representative who shall testify on your behalf).
  • You plead guilty; opt not to appear and accept the decision.
  • You opt not to appear without notifying and accept the decision.

Option 1)

Appearing at a hearing

  • On the first Wednesday after 4 days (96 hrs) have passed since your ejection (See Discipline Hearings).
  • You could appear prior to the 4-day (96 hrs) lapse if you contact the Regional Administrator to confirm receipt of the referee’s report on your ejection.
  • You may bring witnesses to appear and testify.
  • If you are a youth player you should be accompanied by a coach or parent.
  • If you cannot attend the hearing (example due to vacation) on the first Wednesday after 4 days (96 hrs) have passed since your ejection, you may make one (1) request in writing to the Regional Administrator to appear before the committee at a later date (the next convenient Wednesday), HOWEVER you will remain suspended untill the new hearing. This request must be received before the next scheduled hearing to which you were to appear.

Option 2)

How to plead guilty

  • Contact the Regional Administrator (phone # 631-5603 or e-mail: lacstlouis@soccerlsl.qc.ca) prior to the scheduled hearing to advise that you wish to plead guilty without knowing the details of the report nor the charge against you. You have until 2:00 PM of the day that your hearing is scheduled.
  • It is recommended that you always ask to see the referee’s report.

Option 3)

If you do not attend

  • If you fail to appear or plead guilty and a decision is rendered that imposes additional sanctions, you lose your right to appeal (should your case qualify).


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