ARS Lac St-Louis is focused on maximizing the performance of all affiliated referees within the region.

Whether it is organizing advanced workshops for Provincial List referees who regularly officiate AAA matches, or mentoring first-year referees to improve their knowledge and application of the Laws of the Game, one of the referee department’s main objectives is supporting each individual referee in their development.

Referee Chart

Within ARS Lac St-Louis’ jurisdiction, there is a more detailed breakdown of levels which allows referees to track their progress and receive specific training based on their level. (click to enlarge chart)


ARS Lac St-Louis regularly organizes workshops for district list and regional list referees. These workshops are held either in class or on-field and usually deal with a couple key subjects such as foul recognition or positioning.

Using slideshows, videos, and drills, instructors create interactive lesson plans that allow referees to participate and improve their skills. Referees are encouraged to ask questions throughout the sessions and the results of these workshops have been encouraging. In fact, assessors have found noticeable improvements among those who attend these workshops.


Even after passing their district course, referees may have questions about some of soccer’s subtleties. For this reason, the region uses “referee mentors” to guide referees through the season. Mentorship involves attending games and providing feedback as well as encouragement. Mentors are given a group of referees to oversee and relay information on the group’s development back to the referee department.


For referees seeking to reach the higher end of the region’s pyramid, the referee department sends certified referee assessors watch their games, provide feedback, and send a full report to the referee department about the referee’s strengths and weaknesses and whether they passed or failed. To demonstrate the quality of our assessor list, the FSQ often asks members of our list to asses games during their competitions such as the LSEQ or the Regional Selects Tournament.

The information gathered during these evaluations is then used to determine if the referee is eligible for promotion.


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