Each year, ARS Lac St-Louis offers multiple fitness tests for referees to show their speed and endurance. All referees are encouraged to participate and these tests are mandatory for those who wish to have access to higher level competitions.


Test procedure:
ARS Lac St-Louis uses the same referee fitness test as the FSQ, CSA, and FIFA. The test consists of two sections:

  • Repeated Sprint Ability:
    1. Electronic timing gates should be used to time the sprints. If electronic timing gates are not available, an experienced physical instructor should time each sprint using a manual stopwatch.
    2. The ‘start’ gate should be placed at 0m and the ‘finish’ gate at 40m. The ‘start line’ should be marked out before the ‘start’ gate.
    3. Referees should line up at the start with their front foot touching the ‘start line’. Once the test leader signals that the electronic timing gates are set, the referee is free to start.
    4. Referees should receive a maximum of 60 seconds recovery between each of the 6 x 40m sprints. During their recovery, referees must walk back to the start.
    5. If a referee falls or trips, they should be given an additional trial (1 x 40m).
    6. If a referee fails one out of the six, they should be given a seventh trial immediately after the sixth trial. IF they fail two trials out of seven, they have failed the test.

Here is a diagram explaining the sprint section of the test:

  • Interval Test (endurance)
    1. Referees must complete 40 x 75m run/ 25m walk intervals (a total of 4000m). The pace is dictated by an audio file and reference times are set in accordance with the referee’s category. If an audio file is not available, an experienced physical instructor should use a stopwatch and whistle.
    2. Referees must start from a standing position. They must not start before the whistle. To ensure that referees do not start early, assistant test leaders should be positioned at each start line to control the start.
    3. At the end of each run, each referee must enter the “walking area” before the whistle. The walking area is marked out with a line 1.5m before and 1.5m behind the 75m line.
    4. If a referee fails to place a foot inside the walking area on time, they will receive a clear warning from the test leader. If a referee fails to place a foot inside the walking area on time for a second occasion, they should be stopped by the test leader and informed that they have failed the test.
    5. Groups should be comprised of no more than 8 referees. It is possible to have four groups running the test simultaneously.
    6. The test may be conducted on an athletics track or on a field as shown by the examples below.

Fitness Test Standards

Fitness Test Audio File


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