Sport-Études is a specific training program offered by the ARS Lac St-Louis in the school environment. It is the only officially recognized sports-studies program by the Quebec Government and the Quebec Soccer Federation (FSQ).
Sport-Etudes schools are institutions that offer student-athletes the possibility of benefiting from a quality academic environment alongside pursuing their sports development.
Athletes that are a part of the Sport-Etudes program have the opportunity to have a condensed school schedule that allows them to have daily sport training sessions.
The soccer Sport-Etudes program fits harmoniously in the player excellence pathway of the FSQ. It allows all players that have potential to be selected for the provincial and national team to get adequately prepared for a higher level of competition and training.


Develop athletes that show the potential and desire to progress and work towards their inclusion in an elite soccer structure at the provincial or national level.


Grade 7: Develop athletes towards meeting the selection standards to be selected for the ARS Lac St-Louis regional team.

Grade 8-9: Grade 8-9 : develop athletes towards meeting the selection standards to be selected for either the National Training Center of the FSQ or the Academy of the Montreal Impact.

Grade 10-11: Develop athletes towards meeting the selection standards to be selected for either college and university varsity programs or Semi-Pro club structures.

Presentation 2019-2020


In the context of the Sport-Etudes program we want to develop the athlete on the sporting level but also on a human level. Therefore, it is important for us that our athletes

Learn to take responsibility
Are autonomous and have the capacity to make decisions
Develop leadership skills in order to express themselves and be leaders in and amongst a group of their peers
Respect the technical and administrative staff, fellow athletes and the training facilities
Learn how to live a quality lifestyle that will allow them to reach their personal sporting objectives (rest, nutrition, hydration, active life)


Grade 7: Athletes need to attend a tryout that is held in the month of November prior to their entry into a high school.

The tryout is done during a training session (1h30) where the athletes are evaluated through different forms of small sided games.

Grade 8-11: Athletes need to attend a tryout that is held in the month of January prior to the beginning of their subsequent school year.

The tryout is done during a training session where the athlete is placed in one of our Sport-Études groups.


Athletes are selected according to the potential of development they show on the following criteria :

  • Basic technical abilities (control, passing, dribbling)
  • Decision making (when to keep the ball, when to pass the ball, when to dribble out of pressure)
  • Psycho-social aptitudes (determination, confidence, social skills)


2800$ (transportation to and from the training center is included) (approximate cost)

Payment process :

Deposit : 400$ Non refundable – paid in the month of May prior to the start of school
de l’athlète

  • Payment 1 : 600$ for September 30th
  • Payment 2 : 600$ for November 30th
  • Payment 3 : 600$ for January 30th
  • Payment 4 : 600$ for March 30th


All the Sport-Etudes program coaches are certified with at least a Provincial Coaching Diploma (DEP) and have numerous years of experience in developing elite youth players.

Groups are formed according to the athlete’s gender and stage of developpement.


Athletes are closely followed at all times by an athletic therapist during our various activities in Sport-Etudes. Furthermore, all Sport-Etudes athletes have special access in the evenings to a physiotherapy clinic.



A strength and conditioning program is included in our annual planification on the field. The program is is supervised and managed by our strength and conditioning coach. The program is composed of a general development by training groups and a specific development according to the different lacking elements each athlete needs to improve on. It’s possible for an athlete from our program to contract our strength and conditioning coach outside the hours of the program to put in place an individualized program.


The goalkeepers in our program are closely followed and trained by our goalkeeper coach 3 days a week. They participate in specific training sessions as well as in the normal training sessions with their groups.


The program begins the second week of September and finishes the last week of May. It is composed of 130 on field sessions and 10 in class theory session .

CALENDAR 2019-2020


8h00 School
12h00 Lunch
12h25 Transportation towards Soccerplexe Catalogna
13h20 Study Hall
14h45 Training session
16h15 Transportation back to school


Soccerplexe Catalogna
775 1re avenue
Lachine, Québec
H8S 2S6


Collège de Montréal
1931 Rue Sherbrooke O, Montréal, QC H3H 1E3
Annie St-Laurent – Coordonnatrice Sport-Études
Téléphone: 514 933-7397 poste 220
Courriel :

École secondaire Des Sources
2900 Rue Lake, Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC H9B 2P1
Marc Lalande – Coordonnateur Sport-Études
Téléphone: 514-855-4208 poste 6515
Courriel :

École secondaire du Chêne-Bleu
225 Boulevard Pincourt, Pincourt, QC J7V 9T2
Yannick Guay – Coordonnateur Sport-Études
Téléphone: 514 425-1166, poste 6258
Courriel :

John-Rennie High School
501 Boul Saint-Jean, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 3J5
Mr. Bedic – Coordonnateur Sport-Études
Téléphone: (514) 697-3210, poste 6
Courriel :


Adrien Moufflet
Sport-Études et Concentration-Soccer Program Coordinator



Association Régionale du Soccer Lac St-Louis
775, 1ere Avenue
Lachine, Québec
H8S 2S6
Phone: (514) 631-5603